• Sales and Hire of BaiLi Products
  • Design, Engineering and Submission of Statical calculation
  • Tender and Budget assessment
  • Site Supervision / Inspection

Our commitment to QA/QC and health and safety requirements are as follows: We aim to produce only quality products that can be used safety and are accompanied by the necessary information. We believe our clients and others who may use our products have a right to expect that all quality assurance, health, safety and environmental requirements are met. Our customers can also expect to receive all necessary information, service and support in order to provide a safe and efficient use of our products on construction sites. We employ highly qualified technical and operational staff to provide our business units and customers with expert advice on all our products.

We assess our products prior to marketing to identify any quality and safety concerns and to ensure that they are compliant with product safety legislation in these markets. Our product safety assessment starts with a review of the raw materials used to manufacture or form products. Key parts of our product safety assessment process are subject to internal and external quality review.
To ensure high standard of quality and safety in our products, quality controls are performed in different points of the production line. In addition to that are performed in different points of the production line.

In addition to that frequent visits are made to the manufacturing and production facilities to ensure the quality assurance and proper production methods. The last checking is random QC checks which are performed by Authorized laboratory in the UAE. We carry out all these controls to ensure that delivered products to our clients are free of risk and comprise long life performance. We follow the objectives of the European and Local regulations for the control of products, which provides a framework for the production and utilization of the material without risks.