This system is considered using plywood fixed to H20 wooden girders, supported by steel walers and the associated accessories. This is the most common system used for column and wall production. Walkways and lifting brackets allow for good access and safe movement of panels throughout the site using tower cranes.

The basis of the H20 Wall & Column Formwork System is the H20 Timber Beam. The H20 Timber Beam is made of the highest quality with competitive advantages.

The H20 Timber Beam is sturdy, easy to handle and only weights 4.70 kg/m. It provides a high load-bearing capacity even for great distance of walers.

This advances results to less anchor points. The project oriented design and arrangements of the H20 Timber Beam elements allow choices of various types of the plywood sheet. Furthermore, the system allows an optimum and flexible arrangement of tie positions.

The H20 Wall & Column Formwork elements are assembled quickly and easily by connecting the H20 Timber Beams to the Walers by means of Timber Beam connector done as easily as the erection of the system.

The advantage is that the H20 Wall & Column Formwork and easy re-assembling when ground plans of the structure change frequently.

Technical Specs

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