Circular Steel Column Formwork has only two identical half circles which are connected together with bolt.

Circular Steel Column Formwork for perfect concrete surfaces, so column formwork guarantees a perfect concrete surface finish.

Powder coating minimizes concrete adhesion.

Maximum concrete pressure 80kn/m2.

Different diameters and heights panels of 3.0m, 1.5m, 0.5m.

  • Circular steel panel has curved sheet.
  • It has two types of curved horizontal reinforcement
  • The end reinforcements with holes that enable panels of different heights to be assembled.
  • Use the crane to lift first half of the formwork into the upright position.
  • Attach two Alignment struts to this formwork-half to prevent it from falling.
  • The Alignment struts secure the elements against wind loads, and make it easier to plumb and align the formwork.
  • Do not detach the crane until the panel struts are attached.
  • Anchor the Alignment struts to the concrete slab to apply resistance through tensile and compressive forces.
  • Place the connecting head of the alignment strut against one of the fixing points on the Column element, and secure it in place with 20×40 connecting pin and cotter pin.
  • Lift the second half of the formwork into the upright by crane. Join the formwork-halves and temporarily fix in place with 2 blots to assist in alignment.
  • Once the two halves are correctly aligned, complete the bolt connections along both joints. Do not detach the second half-shell from the crane before both halves of the formwork are properly connected.

Technical Specs

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