• The power of the Auto-Climbing System is the hydraulic system which includes the oil cylinder and two commentators.
  • The Commentators can control the climbing of climbing rail and the bracket.
  • Cranes are not needed during the construction. It’s easy to operate highly efficient and safe.
  • Auto-Climbing System is the best choice for the construction of high buildings and bridges.
  • There are mainly two types of standard auto climbing brackets, ACS50 and ACS100.
  • The systems high load capacity means that special requirements such as platform levels, integrating concrete placing booms, or sustaining concrete loads from overhangs can be realized in an economic way.

Standard Climbing Process

  • Set the formwork by wall-through tie-rods and pull-push props, embed anchors and do the first concrete pouring.
  • Remove the formwork after the first concreting and fix anchor shoes on the finished wall, lift the brackets and formwork, then install the middle platform, match the formwork and do the second concreting.
  • Lift formwork and brackets to a higher floor; fix climbing rail, hydraulic system and suspended platform.
  • Match the formwork to the right position and do the third concreting.
  • Remove the formwork and fix anchor shoes on the finished wall, then climbing rails climb up.
  • Brackets climb up to the right position.
  • Match the formwork, do the concrete pouring, come into the standard climbing state.

Technical Specs

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